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Empowering Change

RobustMedia Communications Group is honored to work with conscientious citizens, organizations, and academia who are protectors of Life on earth, and proponents of health, and prosperity.  We work with people who care to look beyond popular dogma, lead adaptation through change, and do what is right for a better tomorrow.

This often means asking tough questions about human intentions, and the scope and methods for collaboration. How best to engage and coordinate diverse people with varied experiences, perspectives, and expertise to protect, renew, and build essential resources when facing difficult times, unexpected situations, and global as well as local or situational crises?

Post-COVID-19, people can work and play using electronic media. Yet, conditions changed substantially when authorities invoked an emergency state to deploy protective countermeasures and equip themselves with top-down power to oversee and control socio-economic conditions.

Many try to return to Life as usual: People continue to play with familiar online games We connect with loved ones through digital and social media. Most look at conventional news and entertainment sources dominated by big sponsors. These include an expanded role for a select few government messages. Citizens carry mobile devices that include digital identification systems and e-wallets. Our retirement funds, money and other assets are known and valued. Because we see what we value on digital media controlled by people entrusted to protect us and our interests.

Yet, civilians and even elected representatives and dutiful staff remain unaware or ignore the scope of military-grade constraints imposed on them and remain in effect. The content of public messages, the ability to share news, and evidence-backed observations are tempered through socio-economic, and interventions that altered media and its content in recent years.

Distressed observers find it difficult to call for help, especially when isolated or demonized for doing so More than before COVID and 9-11, public concerns garner ad hominum accusations that the people sharing distress must be silenced or demeaned as if conspiracy theorists. Voicing public worries can be banned from media by several means, some of which are not obvious even to the person whose words are censored. Elected officials ignore constituent phone calls, letters of concern and calls for inquiry. Some government's preferred 'community guidelines' for commercial media prevent the public from seeing data, and the expression of unwanted truths. Broadcasters, scientists and even doctors are required by their unions to focus on only one official narrative even if it is irrational, lacks evidence and causes measurable harm. Judicial concerns are silenced with the suspension of due process in the courts, constitutional, human and civil rights and freedoms. Legal regimes are built on temporary measures, wtihout relief. Selective shadow-banning on Web index engines, social media and news channels allows people to publish what they want without realizing that their publication can no longer be seen or found by others. Global brands and governments use emergency protocols to monopolize sponsored media, dictate messaging and dominate public perceptions while setting policies that control the winning terms for valuable financial instruments and derrivatives in public markets. In principle, problems can be expected when social balances are swayed towards autocracy. There are practical challenges for civilians and media makers, especially when those we entrust with power prevent people from sensing changes in the limitations placed on us. Professionals committed to working dutifully within standard protocols can remain unaware of the extent to which they have been compelled to comply with new rules by others from outside their profession. Those others can include elected representatives, unelected executives, leaders of international government organizations and public institutions, or even dominant forces in the global economics of commercial brands, and public-private partnerships.

People might say it is what it is and try their best. Many don't know what they don't know. Some attempt to warn others by asserting that people-based democracies have been overturned by those in power to give top-down control to them, a relatively few officials who regulate the laws and conditions shaping the quality of life. A relative few raise questions about fixing problems, and with no response, ask about peoples' intentions and the scope and performance of the duty of care and responsibilities granted to those holding authority.

Given the complex and dynamic situation, RobustMedia sees the need to help equip people for change. We are therefore assembling a platform, media products, and services for person-based collaboration in ethical enterprise. Because, as sure as we are alive, and here now, we can help one another and make a difference.


For a better tomorrow with potential for further enjoyment in life, there's much we can do, together in the works...

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