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One Camera Field Test - OKA boys from Australia on tour


2008: Celebration of Jazz Wines

Week-long event at Jamie Kennedy's wine bar in Toronto.

  • Coordinated with the closing conference of the International Association of Jazz Educators.

  • Nightly performances featured pianist and signer, Lenore Raphael with her trio, and special guest Denise Thimes.


Tribute to Candido Camero: We closed the Jazz Wines Celebration with a spectacular party of jazz artists joining in to perform in honor of Candido Camero on occasion of his receiving a National Endowment of the Arts award. A jazz innovator with a life time of achievement, Candido brought conga drums into Jazz.

electrobebe Live Space and ebebe Artists Forum

[1996] Harborfront Toronto - Producer and Co-host

  • First arts festival exploring relationship between live performance and interactive media.

  • Ground-breaking events at Toronto's HarbourFront.

  • Included Live Space Events with NY artists Ben Neill on three-horned Mutant Trumpet synced via two improvisational computers and multi-media streams played on keyboard by renowned visual artist Gardner Post.

  • Week featured Pierre Paul Savoie Danse who performed an original 4D holographic dance with live-computer multi-media and musical improvisation.

  • Performers together with community in a closing Artists' Forum exploring notions of resonance.


Inaugural AMREF Film Festival
African Medical Research and Education Foundation, Toronto

  • Conceived and coordinated public fundraising and educational event.

  • Coordinated design and produced materials.

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